Web Design Syllabus

CTE Web Page Design & Publishing

Course Syllabus


I.                    Course Description

This class will help students to understand how the Web works and how we communicate through the Web.  The student will learn how to create effective Web sites.  Students will develop skills that will allow them to succeed in any subject area and throughout their life.


Length:  one semester

Grade level:   12th Grade


II.                 This course will help the student achieve each of the following goals

a.       The student will become a 21st Century Citizen

                                                              i.      The student will  use technology wisely and safely

                                                            ii.      The student will understand how the Web works

                                                          iii.      The student will evaluate the accuracy and usefulness of information on the web

                                                          iv.      The student will find and share information quickly, safely and ethically

                                                            v.      Students will explore careers in Web design and publishing

b.      The student will become an effective Web Designer

                                                              i.      Students will demonstrate their understanding of fundamental Web design principles

                                                            ii.      Students will become a skilled and creative user of Web design technology

                                                          iii.      Students will create their own unique, functional Web sites that engage their audience

                                                          iv.      Students will evaluate Web sites

                                                            v.      Students will offer constructive feedback to improve their own and other’s sites

c.       Develop learning and study skills for all subjects

                                                              i.      Students will develop critical thinking skills

                                                            ii.      Students will develop teamwork skills

                                                          iii.      Students will integrate skills across the curriculum


III.              Course Topics:

·         Introduction to web development and the Internet

·         Ethical Computer use

·         Copyright Laws

·         Safe Surfing

·         Tips for using the Internet for Research

·         Understanding what HTML language is and the use of  tags

·         Using WYSISWG programs to develop websites

·         Understanding web site usability by evaluating Web sites on the Internet

·         Creating a flowchart, navigational schema, and interface design for a web site

IV.                   Instructional Philosophy


Students will be expected to meet all course goals listed below and demonstrate competency with a minimum of 70% accuracy. Content expectations correlate with the South Dakota standards for Web Publishing and Design.


V.                 Classroom expectations:

1.       Students are expected to attend classes and be in time.  Your class progress depends on your involvement and participation.  

2.      You are to come to class prepared (computer, pen, binder or folder to store handouts or assignments, and anything you are assigned to bring for class projects.

3.      You are expected to participate in class and complete all assignments.

4.      You are expected to use critical thinking and creative problem solving to complete assignments.


VI.             Evaluation

Evaluation is based on attendance, participation and successful completion of assignments and projects throughout the course. 


VII.           Core Standards

a.       Indicator #1: Demonstrate and apply knowledge of internet technologies.

                                                              i.      WPD 1.1 Apply knowledge of the internet structure

                                                            ii.      WPD 1.2 Apply knowledge of Internet Browsers

                                                          iii.      WPD 1.3 Apply knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language

                                                          iv.      WPD 1.4 Apply knowledge of web publishing software and editors

                                                            v.      WPD 1.5 Apply knowledge of web hosting.

b.      Indicator #2: Gather and define interactive media work to meet customer requirements.

                                                              i.      WPD 2.1 Gather data to identify customer requirements

                                                            ii.      WPD 2.2 Interpret and evaluate project requirements.

                                                          iii.      WPD 2.3 Develop a project plan.

c.       Indicator #3: Create interactive media product specifications.

                                                              i.      WPD 3.1 Prepare functional project specifications.

                                                            ii.      WPD 3.2 Prepare visual design specifications

d.      Indicator #4: Develop and test interactive media products.

                                                              i.       WPD 4.1 Cooperate with clients and team members to develop an interactive media product.

                                                            ii.      WPD 4.2 Develop and implement a test plan.

                                                          iii.      WPD 4.3 Resolve product problems.

                                                          iv.      WPD 4.4 Perform quality assurance tasks to produce a quality product.



VIII.        Course Projects

                                                              i.      Students will create a personal web page that can be used as a portfolio of projects they complete for their courses

                                                            ii.      Students will create a business Web site

                                                          iii.      Students will create an informational Web Site.

                                                          iv.      Other projects may be added depending on time constraints.


Grading guidelines

·         Tests & Major Projects:  67%

·         Daily assignments:  33%

Grading Scale:

A+          100

A             99-96

A-           95-94

B+           93-92

B             91-89

B-            88-87

C+           86-85

C             84-82

C-            81-80

D+          79-77

D             76-73

D-           72-70

F              69 and Below