ThirdSeptember 20

 Date:  September 20, 2012     Thursday 2:42-3:15
 Title:   Dictionary Usage
  • To teach the student what and entry word is and how to determine the difference between it and the definition
  • To Teach the students the different parts of a dictionary Entry (definition, example sentences, entry line, pronunciation, Language note, Illustration)
  • To teach the students the difference between a book dictionary and an online dictionary
 Materials:   Dictionary preview handout
  1. Look at page G9. 
  2. Go through each part in pink. Ask question to see if the students are understanding.
  3. Go through steps in finding a word using the entry word
  4. Go through alphabetical order rules
  5. Do some practices together.
1.5.4  Locate Resources appropriate for purpose using library tools.
2.5.7 Use Electronic/digital tools and resources to locate and creatively share information