Third Library October 4

Date:  October 4, 2012                                Thursday 2:42-3:15
Title:   Prairie Pasque and Alphebetizing
  • To give students practice as to which word would come first in the dictionary
  • To improve the students ability to alphabetize Pasque
Handout on Alphabetizing
  1. Read the book " Dave the Potter".  Tell the students that this is a Prairie Pasque book, which a state award.  This is a story about a slave who made wonderful pottery.  Point out how the author uses words in this book.
  2. Give each student a Prairie Pasque Bookmark.  When they read a Prairie Pasque book they should mark it on the bookmark to keep track of the ones they read.  They also need to get a dragon scale and write the title, their name and grade on it to hang on the bulletin board. They should each fill one out to hang up for the "Dave the Potter" book.
  3. After you have read and discussed the story, give the students the worksheet on alphabetizing.  Have them circle the word that would come first and underline the word that would be last.
  4. Have them take turns checking out books while working on their worksheet.  (all books in the book drop in the hall and what they bring in during class need to be checked in before they will be able to check out)  The students are limited to five total books that can be checked out at a time.
  5. There are pencils on the desk.
 Dave the Potter
1.5.4 Locate Resources appropriate for purpose using library tools.
2.5.6 Identify special awards for print, nonprint and multimedia works. (Understand)