Third Computer September 7

Title:  Kid Pix Moon Phases
Create a picture depicting the changes in the Moon's appearance during the four-week lunar cycle.
 Materials Needed:
 Smart Board Computer Parts presentation
Handout that was completed in Library Class
 Assessment:   the document created in Kid Pix


  1.  Demonstrate while students follow along how to open the Phases of the moon template
  2. Student will understand how to use the text tool, drawing tools, fill bucket, rubber stamp tool, and sticker tool
  3. Use the text tool to type each phase of the moon on the lines under the moon.
  4. Click on the drawing tool and choose the pencil and the first pencil size option
  5. Use the straight line to draw the first quarter and last quarter phases
  6. Select the curve shape to draw the waxing crescent, waning crescent, waxing gibbous, and waning gibbous phases
  7. Select the fill bucket
  8. Choose a color and pattern and fill in the cartoon moon next to the title.
  9. Click in each moon and fill the phase with color.
  10. Choose the color black and fill in the dark side of each moon
  11. Click on the rubber stamp tool and choose appropriate stamps for space
  12. Click on the sticker tool and drag appropriate sticker to the right place.  May need to resize.
  13. Click on text tool and type your name by the word by.
  14. Save your picture

Indicator 1:

Students recognize and demonstrate skills in operating technological systems.

3.CT.1.4 Create, save and retrieve folders.

3.CT.2.2 Develop documents in design applications