Third Computer October 5

Title:  Type to Learn                         12:10-1:55       Third Computer     October 5
To increase typing skills.
Materials Needed:
 Type to Learn Program
Observation of proper keyboarding techniques


  1. Go to the third grade room to pick up the students. 
  2. Have the students Log into their computers  (Username:  first name, first initial last name;  Password:  third)
  3. They must plug their head phones in before they load the program, or they won't have sound.
  4. They should click on start and choose the type to Learn Program.  If it isn't showing in the listing they should type the word type in the box and a new list will appear with the Type to Learn program.
  5. They should click begin to start from where they left off.
  6. Have them stop about 1:50 to wrap up their headphones and put them in the basket.   They should shut the computers down completely before they line up to go back to their room.
Type to Learn

Indicator 1:

Students recognize and demonstrate skills in operating technological systems.