Sixth Library August 22

Grade:      Sixth         Date: Wednesday 1:53-2:40   August 22, 2012



To review the different Genres for understanding


Materials Needed:

Laptops to access OPAC




1.    Explain to the students that they will be choosing a genre, use the laptop to locate books in our library in that Genre.  Write down two titles and call numbers from that Genre (which will be handed in to Mrs. Demery)

2.   The student will go to the shelves to locate the books.  They will choose one of the books to take home and read.  The book will be used in a project next week.

3.   Check out books






Assessment:  Handout with the information found in OPAC



2.8.3 Begin to read beyond personal affinity for particular genres, authors, illustrators, and series. (Understand)