Second Computer September 27

Date:  September 27                                                12:10-1:55
Title: Type to Learn Jr.
To practice keyboarding skills by getting to know the location of the keys
Materials Needed
Type to Learn Jr.
To access the program click on the start button at the bottom left corner. If the red JR doesn't appear in their list, type the word type in the box and a new list will come up and Type to Learn Jr. should be in that list
  1. Go to the second grade room to pick up the students.
  2. Once logged into the computer, they should click on the start menu and follow the instructions under Materials needed)
  3. Once Type to Learn Jr. has loaded they should click on second and find their name in the list, select it and click on go.\
  4. They should click on the middle window in the second row.
  5. They should practice this window the whole period.
  6. About five minutes before the bell rings, have them unplug their head phones and exit the program. They should click on the start button and shut down the computer.
  7. Walk them back to class.
Observation to see if the students are selecting the correct hand to hit the keys (Keys in red with left hand, keys in purple with right)

Indicator 1:

Students recognize and demonstrate skills in operating technological systems.