Date: Monday, September 17, 2012
Title: The Internet and Multimedia
  • Learn the Origins of the Internet
  • Describe the technology that makes the Internet easier to use
  • Identify the equipment, software, and services you need to go online.
  • Learn how to navigate and search the World Wide Web
  • Use a Web browser
  • Use a Search Engine
  • Name the different ways in which you can use the internet to communicate
  • Understand the use of a e-mail, FTP, and newsgroups
Materials Need
Multimedia Book
1. Finish presentations (Taylor)
2. Completed Study Guides should have been sent to Mrs. Demery through blackboard learn.
3.  Go through the Smartboard review
4.  Have the students complete the Review on page 44.
5.  If time begin Activity 2-1
Text book
Assessment: Results of the searching in the Activities

MD1.2 Explain the professional behaviors, skills and abilities for multimedia

MD4.2 Analyze multimedia presentation