Date:  August 27 , 2012  Monday

Title:  Types of Multimedia Productions


To identify the types of multimedia presentations

Understand how each element of a multimedia production contributes to the user’s experience


Materials Needed:

Websites below



1.    Finish Activity 1-3 and 1-4 page 305-308  

2.    Have the students go to Blackboard learn  and answer the two questions and return them.

3.    Tell the students about the two discussion questions and that they should answer them by Tuesdayl

4.    Continue with the PowerPoint pages 8-11

5.    Demonstrate a tutorial by showing the tutorial below.

6.    Demonstrate a simulation by showing the fire simulation




Assessment:  Word document with answers to career research

Emailed   questions



 Indicator #1: Explain career opportunities in multimedia


 MD1.1 Summarize multimedia career opportunities