Multimedia September10


 Date: September 10, 2012   Monday
 Title:  The Internet and Multimedia
  • Learn the Origins of the Internet
  • Describe the technology that makes the Internet easier to use
  • Identify the equipment, software, and services you need to go online.
  • Learn how to navigate and search the World Wide Web
  • Use a Web browser
  • Use a Search Engine
  • Name the different ways in which you can use the internet to communicate
  • Understand  the use of a e-mail, FTP, and newsgroups
 Materials Need:        
Introduction to Multimedia  Chapter 2 and the Internet
1.  show the students how to use Prezi
2.  Have the students sign up for one of the topics from Chapter 2.
3.  The students should read the part in the book and research the topic on the Internet
4.  Once they have gathered the information they should create a Prezi to present to the class.
Introduction to Multimedia Book
 Assessment:  Prezi Presentation

MD1.2 Explain the professional behaviors, skills and abilities for multimedia

MD4.2 Analyze multimedia presentation