Multimedia September 5

   Date: September 5 , 2012 Wednesday


Title:  Types of Multimedia Productions


Understand how each element of a multimedia production contributes to the user’s experience

To create a finished project

Review for test


Materials Needed:

Blackboard learn



1.    Tutorials should be sent through Blackboard Learning/Content/Chapter 1/Tutorials.   Save as a Powerpoint Show so that any music, video clips, etc. will be saved with the presentation.

2.    Go to content in Blackboard Learn and take the Chapter 1 Review test

3.    Test on Thursday over Chapter 1

4.    When done with the review test they should go to my web page and click on Multimedia and choose the criteria for their newscast and read through it.

5.    The students should begin working on a script for their newscast.  On the Multimedia page there is a newscast template for writing their script.





Review test


MD2.3 Use multimedia tools

MD3.2Organize project plans

MD4.1 Construct multimedia projects based on plans

MD4.2 Analyze multimedia presentation