Multimedia September 12

Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Title: The Internet and Multimedia
  • Learn the Origins of the Internet
  • Describe the technology that makes the Internet easier to use
  • Identify the equipment, software, and services you need to go online.
  • Learn how to navigate and search the World Wide Web
  • Use a Web browser
  • Use a Search Engine
  • Name the different ways in which you can use the internet to communicate
  • Understand the use of a e-mail, FTP, and newsgroups
Materials Need:
Introduction to Multimedia Chapter 2 and the Internet
1. Students should begin presenting their Prezi presentation to the class.
2.  If not done we will finish on Thursday
Assessment: Prezi Presentation

MD1.2 Explain the professional behaviors, skills and abilities for multimedia

MD4.2 Analyze multimedia presentation