Multimedia October 2

Date: Monday, October 1 6th Period
Title:   Advertising Project
  • To create a full-page advertisment for the book fair.
  • Must include the dates of the fair, the time open, Special events, a motto or theme, an image
  • To review vocabulary for Multimedia and the Society
Materials Need
  • 1. Students will open Word to create their poster.
  • 2.. They will begin work on the poster
  • 3. Explain to the class these will be hung up to advertise for the book fair which is October 23-29. Time 8:00 a.m.-8:45; 3:30-4:30 in Elementary Library ; 3:00-8:30 October 25 Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 4.  Send the poster through Blackboard learn assignments.
  • Source:
    Assessment: use the rubric to evaluate the student posters

    MD1.3 Exemplify quality in multimedia

    MD2.2 Interpret design layout for customer situations

    MD3.1 Outline customer requirements