Multimedia October 12

Date:  Friday,   October 12                                     6th Period
Title: Hardware and Multimedia
Explain the basic differences between Macintosh and Windows Computers
Describe what devices are used for entering information into computer systems
Discuss different kinds of input and output devices for multimedia program
Compare different kinds of storage devices and discuss their advantages and disadvantages
Describe the computer parts that process data
Learn how computers are connected locally and around the world.
Materials Need
Digital cameras
Microsoft Word
  •  Have students turn to pages 326 Activity 4-1   Have the students create a name badge
  • Page 328 Activity 4-2    Students will create a digital video for a presentation
  • Students will need to take pictures around school


Study Guide over chapter 4


MD2.1 Interpret the use of multimedia in everyday life

MD2.4 Apply proper maintenance procedure for all equipment