Multimedia October 10

Date:      Friday, October 10                                                          6th Period
Multimedia Timeline
To create a graphic representation of a timeline of significant events in multimedia history.
To collaborate as a group to complete the timeline
Materials Need
Microsoft Word Timeline Template
  • 1.  Continue to design a timeline from 1455 to present date on the history of Multimedia.
  • 2. They should divide up the dates
  • 3. They will research the Internet for Information on the History of Multimedia
  • 4. They should gather information for the time periods they are assigned.
  • 5. They should also save pictures to add to their timelines They can follow the format of the template that is in Word or they can design their own, but they should all be consistent as they will be put together to hang on the board.
  • 6. Someone should take on the leadership role on how they will proceed.
  • Source:
    The Internet (search for the history of Multimedia)


    The resulting timeline


    MD3.2Organize project plans