Multimedia November 7

Date:  Wednesday, November 7             6th Period
Title: Serif Movie Plus      Masks
  • To be able to add a simple mask to a track
  • To create a mask from a Quick Shape
  • To use Video groups to mask one clip and reveal another.
Materials Need
 Masks Handout
Serif Movie Plus (on computers)
BlackBoard Learn (on Internet)
  • Students should open a new project in timeline mode
  • Students should read the step by step instructions for completing this handout.
  • Share their results with me through Google docs share.
  • When done with the above students should go to Blackboard Learn (Content folder/Movie Plus folder/Movie Plus Worksheet 2)and download Worksheet 3.
  • They may use the handouts in the folders in the back of the room, to look up answers to the questions on the downloaded worksheet.
  • When they are done with the worksheet, they should send it to me through the assignment in Blackboard Learn.
Blackboard Learn


The completed Masks clip

The returned worksheet


Indicator #2: Apply the interactive fundamentals of multimedia

MD2.3 Use multimedia tools