Kindergarten Computers November 6

Title: Kid Pix Neighborhood                      12:10-12:30 Group A                        12:30-12:50 Group B  (Switch with Mr. Tisher)

  • To gain more experience manipulating the mouse
  • Students will be able to choose a scene and add stamps that should belong in the scene..

Brief Description:

 Students will use Kid Pix to choose a scene and than go through the stamps that are available and choose things that would fit that scene
Kid Pix


  • They will need headphones and these need to be plugged in before beginning the program or the program doesn't work.
  • Username:  kind   Password: kind to log onto the computer
  • Have the students click on the short cut to Kid Pix
  • They should type in their name.
  • Show the students where they can find backgrounds.  Have them select one and drop it onto the white area.
  • Next show them the stamp.  Show them how they can change to different stamps. 
  • Tell them they must choose stamps that will go along with the background they chose.
  • If they get tired of the picture they chose, they can blow it up by clicking on the dynamite and starting over.
  • Have them blow their picture up at the end and leave the program on for the next group.
  • After the second group, they should exit the program and shut down.
They have been in this before, but will probably need a refresher.


Kid Pix


Indicator 1:

Students use technology to locate and acquire information.
K.IL.1.2 Recognize that information can be represented in a variety of ways.

Indicator 1:

Students recognize and demonstrate skills in operating technological systems.

Indicator 2:

Students use technology to enhance learning, extend capability, and promote creativity.

K.IL.1.2 Recognize that information can be represented in a variety of ways.