Kindergarten Computer September 4

Title:  Kid Pix Neighborhood


·Create a color chart by categorizing pictures according to their color to fit in the correct category

Brief Description:

 Students will use the template provided to categorize objects according to their color.
Students need to understand how to use the text tool, Fill Bucket, and the Rubber Stamp Tool


  • Open the color chart template in Kid Pix  (File, Open, double clic on Color template)
  • Select the fill bucket, choose a different color for each balloon, click in the balloon to fill
  • Click on the rubber stamp tool and choose the folder of your choice.
  • Stamp your picture with the stamps to match each color category.
  • Click on the Text tool, Choose a font and size and type your name by.
  • Save the file
Time:   two class period
This will be new to students so it may take more than one period, as they only have 20 Minutes.



Kid Pix
Color Template



Indicator 1:

Students use technology to locate and acquire information.
K.IL.1.2 Recognize that information can be represented in a variety of ways.