Kindergarten Computer September 25

Date:  September 25                                       12:10-12:30 Group A                  12:30-12:50 Group B
Title: Type to Learn Jr.
To introduce the students to the location of letters and numbers on the keyboard
To improve letter recognition
To introduce the students to what keys use the left hand and which keys use the right hand
Type to Learn Jr.
1. Help the students to log onto the computer
2. Go through the steps of getting into the Type to Learn Jr. program
3. Begin with the top window which is the beginning of the program.
4. Students will practice each letter, so they recognize the letter and where it is found on the keyboard.
5. Practice until 12:30 and then close out of the program
6. Group B will come in and Group A go to Guidance. Begin with step 2 with Group B
Type to Learn Jr.
Observation of Students
Indicator 1: Students recognize and demonstrate skills in operating technological systems