Kindergarten Computer November 13

Title: Kid Pix Neighborhood 12:10-12:30 Group A 12:30-12:50 Group B (Switch with Mr. Tisher)


  • Create an alphabet book with pictures and letters
  • Students will be able to choose pictures for each letter of the alphabet
  • students will be able to operate the mouse to move pictures and letters to a template
  • Students will be able to open and save the template with their name.

Brief Description:

Students will use the template provided to categorize objects according to the letters of the alphabet.
Students need to understand how to use the text tool to access the letters of the alphabet, use the Fill Bucket for background color, and the Rubber Stamp Tool for pictures


  • Open the alphabet chart template in Kid Pix (Click on the Icon in left corner of toolbar; Open the K folder and select alphabet template)
  • Select the fill bucket, choose a different color for each square
  • Click on the text tool to get the Alphabet; put A, B, C, D, E in the five squares available (one letter per square)
  • Click on the rubber stamp tool and choose the folder of your choice.
  • Stamp your picture with the a stamp that begins with each of the five letters.
  • Click on the Text tool, Choose a font and size and type your name by the word by.
  • Save the file with the students name in the file name.
This will be new to students so it may take more than one period, as they only have 20 Minutes.


Kid Pix
Alphabet template Template


Indicator 1:

Students use technology to locate and acquire information.
K.IL.1.2 Recognize that information can be represented in a variety of ways.

Indicator 1:

Students recognize and demonstrate skills in operating technological systems.

Indicator 2:

Students use technology to enhance learning, extend capability, and promote creativity.

K.IL.1.2 Recognize that information can be represented in a variety of ways.