Fourth Computer September 4

Title: Internet Safety Posters


To give students and understanding of ethical behavior online and how to stay safe.

Materials Needed:






1.  Have students open Word and type words about Internet safety.
2.  Explain that if they want a word to be bigger and stand out that they should type the word more than once.   They should have at least 10 words  (Have your name be one of the words)
3.  Save the document as Wordle
4.  Open by clicking on the link below
5.  Click on create.
6.  Copy the paragraph that you typed and paste it in the box in Wordle
7.  Create
8.  Can click on randomize if you don't like the layout that comes up.  When you get a layout you like Office button in bottom corner and use the Snipping tool.  Go through this together saving their picture as a jpeg in their folder.





Indicator 1: Students understand the safe, ethical, legal, and societal issues related to technology.

4.SI.1.1 Compare and contrast consequences of illegal and unethical technology use

4.SI. 1.2 Communicate issues relating to online safety