First Computer -- August 27

Title:  Internet Safety & Lab Rules


·        Students will  understand the rules for being in the computer lab

·        Students will learn some rules for being safe online


Materials Needed:


·        Smart Board

·        Smart Board Presentation

·         Video Clip


Brief Description:


Students will learn the rules for what is expected of them in the computer lab and the rules they must follow when using the computers and lab.





·        Get students from their classroom

·        Have the students names by the computer they are assigned.

·        Show each student where their computer is and have them sit in their chairs.

·        Go through the Smartboard presentation of rules for the computer lab.

·        Show movie clip on being safe online.




Net Safe Utah

NetSafe Utah2




Social Interaction Indicator 1: Students understand the safe, ethical, legal, and societal issues related to technology.