FifthComp August 29

 Title:  Internet Safety Posters
To review learning from previous week on Internet Safety
To introduce borders, Word Art, downloading picture from Internet and inserting in a Word document
 Materials Needed:
Microsoft Word
Internet Site Below
  1. Have the students log into their computers and open a Word document
  2. Have the students think about the Internet Safety Rules that were discussed the week before.
  3. Show the students an example of the safety poster that I created
  4. Demonstrate how to create a border and have the students open a Word document and go through steps for saving the document.  Have them select a border and set it up correctly.
  5. Have students go to the Web site listed below and choose a picture for their posters.
  6. Save the picture and insert it into their poster.
  7. Show the students how to use Word Art for their text.  Show them how to use the text wrapping on text and picture.
Indicator 1:  Students understand the safe, ethical, legal and societal issues related to technology.
Indicator 2:  Students use technology to enhance learning, extend capability, and promote creativity.
6.CT.2.1 Demonstrate ways to present and publish information using a variety of common applications