Fifth Library September 4

  Grade: Fifth Date: Tuesday 2:45-3:15 September 4, 2012


Title: Using World Book to search for Biographies


To introduce students to searching online Encyclopedias

To give students experience reading informational text for meaning


Materials Needed:


Email address




1.    Have the students go to World Book online

2.   They should search Biographies (view more Categories)

3.     Go through steps for modifying search by male-female, nationality, and time period.
4.  Students should select an author and save the article to their folder.
5.  They can open their document to read.
6.  They should type up five facts in a Word document from the article that was saved.
7.  They should copy the citation to the bottom of the Word document.
8.  They should email me their Word document.


World Book online

Assessment:  Finished presentation


2.5.2 Access libraries to read, view, and listen. (Apply)

2.5.7 Use electronic/digital tools and resources to locate and creatively share information. (Apply, Create)

INDICATOR/BENCHMARKR.5.3.Students can apply knowledge of text structures, literary devices, and literary elements to develop interpretations and form responses.
STANDARD5.R.3.1.Students can distinguish literary genres based on characteristics, structures, and patterns. (Analysis)