Fifth Library September 18

Grade: Fifth Date: Tuesday 2:45-3:15 September 18, 2012

Title: Using the Library


To introduce students to research tactic

To  show student how pose thoughtful questions, to organize, and evaluate material

Materials Needed:

 Movie "Using the Library"


1.     Show the movie Using the Library
2.  Give students a list of vocabulary words that are talked about in the movie.  Have them match the word to the correct definition.



Library Skills for Children:   Using the Library.  Schlessinger Media 2003

Assessment: Handout


2.5.2 Access libraries to read, view, and listen. (Apply)

2.5.7 Use electronic/digital tools and resources to locate and creatively share information. (Apply, Create)

Indicator 4:

Students understand the purpose and demonstrate the use of the design process in problem solving.

Linda Demery,
Sep 18, 2012, 5:44 PM