Fifth Library October 9

Grade: Fifth Date: Tuesday 2:45-3:15       October 9, 2012

Title:   Proquest research and Paraphrasing


Students will be able to search for magazines online using ProQuest
Students will read information and paraphrase the information in a document.
Students will be able to cite where they got their information

Materials Needed:

 ProQuest online through the Internet


1.  Demonstrate how to access ProQuest
2.  Show students how to locate the citation
3.  Students should search for their topic from the week before.
4.  They should read some of the article
5.  They should open Word and paraphrase what they read.
6.  They should include the citation at the bottom of the paragraph.
7.  Save the document and email to



Strand of Proficiency: Ethical ParticipationStandard 3:The student will use information and its tools in a responsible, safe, legal and ethical manner.

3.5.2 Discuss intellectual property, copyright, plagiarism, and fair use.