Fifth Library November 13

Grade: Fifth Date: Tuesday 2:45-3:15

Title: Famous Places Research


Students will practice paraphrasing what they read.

Students will explain the consequences of plagiarism and copyright
Students will use electronic resources for research

Materials Needed:
Elementary Computer lab
Students should bring notebooks and pencils or pens.


1.  Have the students go to the Faulkton School page, click on library, click on State Library, Click on online resources and choose Encyclopedias.They should start with World Book Student. If they can't find their topic in that volume, they may try one of the other online World Book versions. 
2. They should read the information about the famous place and then paraphrase some of the interesting facts they read about the place into their notebooks. (They have practiced paraphrasing a couple of times, but remind them that they are not to plagiarize)
3. They should copy the citation at the end of the document into a word document and save it with the name of their place.
4. Stress that they should not lose these notes and they should bring them the next week to class.




1.5.4 Locate resources appropriate for purpose using library tools. (Apply)

1.5.2 Manage projects/activities in an organized manner. (Understand, Apply)
Strand of Proficiency: Ethical ParticipationStandard 3:The student will use information and its tools in a responsible, safe, legal and ethical manner.
3.5.2 Discuss intellectual property, copyright, plagiarism, and fair use.
Reading: Informational Text
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
9. Integrate information from several texts on the same topic in order to write or speak about the subject knowledgeably.