Fifth Library August 25

Grade:      Fifth          Date: Tuesday 2:45-3:15  August 25, 2012



To introduce students to searching online Encyclopedias

To give students experience reading informational text for meaning


Materials Needed:


World Book Trivia Quiz 1 Handout




1.    Have the students go to World Book online

2.   They should search for tennis

3.   They should read the informational text to find the answers on the handout.

4.   They should hand these in when they are done.

5.   If time they may explore the videos in World Book online.  Search for Videos and a link will appear.



World Book online

Assessment:  Handout


2.5.2 Access libraries to read, view, and listen. (Apply)

2.5.7 Use electronic/digital tools and resources to locate and creatively share information. (Apply, Create)