Fifth computers September 19

Date: September 19, 2012 Wednesday
Title: Our Solar System
  • Create a map of the solar system that includes the planets, their satellites, and smaller objects such as asteroids and comets.
  • Label a chart with each planet's distance from the Sun and the number of moons.
  • Technology: Use of Text tool, fill bucket, rubber stamp editor, and grab tool
Our Solar System Handout from library class
Kid Pix
  1. Open Kid Pix
  2. Opent the solar document from the previous week
  3. Search the Internet for the color of each planet.
  4. Select the fill bucket to fill in each planet and sun with a color and pattern that best represents each planet.
  5. Use the grab tool and choose the scissors. Select the free grap option and cut closely around a planet and its name. Drag the planet on top of the right number to show its distance from the Sun.
  6. Select the text tool, choose a font, size, and color for your title. Type the title at the top of the picture, Click above the planet chart at the bottom of your picture and type By and your name.
  7. Select the text tool and choose a font and a small size. Resize the text box to fit in each planets column. Type the distance from the sun and the number of moons.
  8. Choose the Rubber stamp tool and click on any stamp. Choose the stamp editor (pencil) to edit the stamp. Choose the firecracker to blow up the stamp. Draw a very small circle and fill with gray. Choose okay. Stamp each planet with the appropriate number of moons. When you are finished with the edited stamp, go back to the stamp editor and choose Restore and then okay.
  9. Save your picture and  email to Mrs. Demery
Kid Pix

Indicator 1:

Students recognize and demonstrate skills in operating technological systems

Indicator 2:

Students use technology to enhance learning, extend capability, and promote creativity.