Fifth Computer November 7

Date: November 5            10:55-11:43
Title: Type to Learn
To practice keyboarding skills so that they will be able to type at a speed to meet the standard for their age.
Type to Learn program on the lab computers
1. After students log into their computers they should open the Type to Learn program
2. They should log into the program and begin with the lesson they left off from.
3. Continue with lesson until the time is up.
4. Students should go to lunchroom at 11:42.
The program automatically records the gwam and error for lessons, allowing students to advance to next lesson when criteria reached.
Typing Program " Type to Learn"

5.CT.1.2 Key 15 words per minute using touch typing techniques from hard copy or typing program.

  1. Number Keys, Shift, Punctuation, Return/Enter, Space Bar and Alphabet Keys
  2. Sitting up, feet on floor, arms parallel to keyboard, fingers curved and upright, and wrists at neutral