Camera Instructions

Canon DC50 Downloading Instructions

To Get your movie off from the Canon video camera:

  1. Make sure you plug the camera into electricity.  (cord in bag)
  2. Turn Camera on
  3. Slide the on off button down to Mode (this will show the movie clips that are on the camera.
  4. Click on the Function key
  5. Push the set button to the right to get into the disk operations.
  6. Chose Finalize  (this allows you to capture your video.
  7. When it is done finalizing go back to the screen where you can view the videos
  8. Plug the USB cable that is in the camera bag into the camcorder and the computer.
  9. Open the Movie Plus X6 program
  10. Click new project
  11. Click Import Media
  12. Choose copy from Device
  13. For devices choose Canon DVD
  14. Click Next
  15. Put a check mark in the box  by automatically add copied files to media pane.
  16. Make sure all clips that are wanted are selected.
  17. Click Finish
  18. If a message comes up saying you already have a file by that name at that location, click rename.
  19. Click Index  (this may take a little time, don't click anything until it is done)
  20. When done Indexing, you are ready to work with the video and edit it.

Once your clips have been downloaded and saved, you need to remove them from the camera.

  1. Plug the camera into electricity
  2. Turn on the camera
  3. Click on the mode where you can see the clips
  4. Click on Func. button
  5. Move the set button to the right and choose unfinalize.
  6. Once it is finished unfinalizing, click on Disc Initialize and follow the instructions on the screen  (you should choose video and yes twice)
  7. When done initializing, click the slider to off and wait for the camera to shut down.