August 27 Sixth Computer

Title:  Internet Safety & Lab Rules


After viewing the movie:

1.    Students will list four examples of bad neighborhood websites.

2.   Tell how to protect oneself when using a social network site.

3.   Write at least five rules to follow when blogging, writing instant messages, emailing and visiting chat rooms.

4.   Tell why one should reconsider before placing potentially embarrassing pictures or information online.

5.   Explain the dangers of revealing too much personal information to an online acquaintance.

6.   Tell what to do if an online acquaintance says something personal that makes you uncomfortable or asks to meet.

7.   Name six things one should do when making online purchases

8.   Describe “pfishing” schemes and tell how to avoid them.

9.   Define Cyberbullying and explain why it can be very dangerous.

10.Tell what to do if you receive a threatening cyberbully message.



Materials Needed:






Worksheet with questions over the movie.

Brief Description:

The movie presents crucial information regarding the most common safety issues for youngsters who use the internet.




Start out the lesson with Am I safe quiz.

Show the video:  Internet Safety:  Pitfalls and Dangers








Source:  Colman Communications Group:  Internet Safety:  Pitfalls and Dangers   Safety Tips for kids   Internet Safety quiz



Indicator 1: Students understand the safe, ethical, legal, and societal issues related to technology.

6.SI.1.1 Apply basic software/hardware solutions to protect themselves and others when using Information and Communications Technologies.