Animal PBL Project 3rd Grade

Project Overview
Name of Project:   Exploring Animals                                                                                                                                Duration: 
Subject/Course:   Library, Science, English, Computers            Teachers:  Mrs. Demery & Mrs. Haberling                    Grade Level:  Third
Project Idea:     
  • Students will use research skills in library class to locate reliable resources on the Internet and OPAC. 
  • Students will create a flowchart outline of what topics they need to research                          
  • Students will learn how to type a report correctly and cite information used in the report.
  • Students will write the reports in English class.
  • Students will create a diarama in Science class on the animal they chose.
  • Library Class will video the diarama to be put on the Web as an Animal Museum (with help of Web Design Class)
Driving Question
 If you were to create an animal museum, what kind of animal would you want to see in the museum and what information would you want to know about the animal?
Where would you find the answers to the above question?
Content Standards:
Library Science:
1.5.2 Manage projects/activities in an organized manner. (Understand, Apply)
1.5.3 Generate a scaffold of questions to investigate with prompting and support; modify as needed. (Understand)
 1.5.4 Locate resources appropriate for purpose using library tools. (Apply)
1.5.7 Present new learning using a variety of formats. (Create)
2.5.7 Use electronic/digital tools and resources to locate and creatively share information. (Apply, Create)
3.5.1 Create lists of resources using an abbreviated bibliographic format. (Apply)
3.5.2 Discuss intellectual property, copyright, plagiarism, and fair use. (Understand)
Computer Class

Indicator 1:

Students understand the safe, ethical, legal, and societal issues related to technology.

Indicator 1:

Students recognize and demonstrate skills in operating technological systems.

3.CT.1.4 Create, save and retrieve folders.

Indicator 2:

Students use technology to enhance learning, extend capability, and promote creativity

3.CT.2.1 Use a word processor to develop a product.

Indicator 1:

Students understand the purpose of information technologies to communicate with a variety of collaborators. Indicator 1:

Students use technology to locate and acquire information

 3.IL.1.1 Perform a keyword/phrase search on existing databases on a specified topic. Indicator 2:

Students determine the reliability and relevancy of information

 21st Century Skills to be taught and assessed: Communication:  Presenting diarama and talking about their animal Creative thinking
  Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Tools for Working

Major Products and Performances

Group:   Create an animal museum on the Web

Individual:  Create a report on their animal and a diarama of their animal

Presentation Audience:  Class, Web, Parents


Entry Event to Launch inquiry, engage students:

Create a flowchart outline about what information would be included about an animal they would choose to have in a museum.



Checklist:  Check off the resources the student explored for their report

Flowchart Outline

Rough Draft of Paper

Summative Assessments

Final Draft of Paper

Diarama of Animal

Movies for an online Animal museum

Peer Evaluation


Resources needed:

Equipment:  Computers cart and lab, movie camera


Online Resources:

  • OPAC
  • State Library Online Resources
  • National Geographic Animal Website
  • Google

Reflection Methods:

Whole-Class Discussion